Politics and Poetry

Politics and Poetry


Can you have both?

Does poetry weaken political will?

Does it turn men into wimps,

Warriors into cowards?


As I grow older, I need poetry.

It provides context and clarity —

The means to untie  

The knots that close us down.


To experience letting go

In life, in love and in politics.

To learn from friends — poets and others

How we can build together.


I have seen Cathy, with help from Jon,

Let our dog Samantha

Win the fight over how we walk outside.

Losing that fight with grace and humor

Allows us to have our life together.


Anger becomes disappointment

So that  love can grow.


July, 2017

(inspired by the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski)


The Jewish burial grounds.
That’s how I thought of it.

At first glance–
Century Tower where we moved.
A large 1970’s building.
Health club in the basement.
A somewhat rundown Miami Beach hotel.

Leaving Manhattan at 72
Riverdale – not hip.
The Bronx and not the Bronx

It ordinariness embraces,
Grandparents, mothers, fathers and kids
Irish, Jewish, Black, Latino, Muslim.
Living together respectfully.
No extremes of rich and poor.
It’s just not as simple as race.

One of life’s transitions.
A letting go and a re-engagement.
A new perspective.
Politics and poetry.

Walkers and strollers.
Henry Hudson park.
Spuyten Duyvil.
Places of exquisite beauty
And understated wealth.
Key Food and Liebman’s Kosher Deli.

Cathy and Gail.
Willow and Sam
Together in Riverdale.
Living our ordinary,
Extraordinary lives.

July, 2017