Politics and Poetry

Politics and Poetry


Can you have both?

Does poetry weaken political will?

Does it turn men into wimps,

Warriors into cowards?


As I grow older, I need poetry.

It provides context and clarity —

The means to untie  

The knots that close us down.


To experience letting go

In life, in love and in politics.

To learn from friends — poets and others

How we can build together.


I have seen Cathy, with help from Jon,

Let our dog Samantha

Win the fight over how we walk outside.

Losing that fight with grace and humor

Allows us to have our life together.


Anger becomes disappointment

So that  love can grow.


July, 2017

(inspired by the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski)

2 thoughts on “Politics and Poetry

  1. …Losing that fight with grace and humor
    Allows us to have our life together.
    …Anger becomes disappointment
    So that love can grow.

    I love this. With those few words you offer a glimpse at how losing fights with loved ones (furry and not) with grace and humor, may make it more possible to feel disappointed. That’s it. Disappointed. Anger is easier, it has its own built in wall.

    Lou shared this T.S. Elliot quote off of your last poem “Riverdale”
    “When a poet’s mind is perfectly equipped for its work, it is constantly amalgamating disparate experience…” different experiences in “Politics and Poetry” beautifully amalgamated.


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