Travers Day

Late August in Saratoga.

The race course grounds

Fill with fans, revelers,

Gawkers and diehard gamblers.


Cathy makes a photo

Of a gray haired

Couple dressed for the

Festive occasion.

She in a flowery, broad brimmed hat

And he in his Saturday best.

Smiling broadly, they are

Happy to be noticed


Look, there’s a

Couple of preppies

In searsucker and

Panama hats.


And scores of

Young women.

Some hope their

Breasts, exposed on the side,

Will attract.

Others just want to

Have fun.

This old man

Can’t tell.


Look at the gamblers,

All ages, shapes and sizes

Intently studying their racing forms.

Each is sure that if

He can ferret out some

Vital piece of information,

He will score big.


Seated at a picnic table

Stacked with food —

A group from Brooklyn,

Learns we are from

The Bronx and offers

To share their food and drink.


Boys in their late teens

Wander with that

Particular goofy stare,

Hoping to be accosted by

The proverbial older woman.

What would they do

If one approaches?


We grab some lunch and

Take our seats in the grandstand,

A part of the Travers scene.


August, 2018


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