“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, “ (Allen Ginsberg, 1955)

We the 60’s generation

Sought a world

In which Ginsberg and the Beats

Could live with us, their heirs.


Dylan, Baez, Kunstler,

King, Malcolm, Newton.

Steinem, Hoffman, Milk.

Gay rights, women’s rights, Black power

Free love, communes, peace.


We did not go mad;

We tried to change the world.


Our “best minds,” some say,

Deserve credit for Silicon Valley,

For global finance linking

New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai.

Drawing on the cultural momentum of the 60’s,

Their breakthroughs have connected the world.


And yet, we can’t help but be disappointed

That the promise of equality, harmony and peace,

Economic security and development for all

Was not realized.

Instead, a soft veneer of concern

Hides the hard edge of calculated indifference

To the slow, painful death of the poor.


November, 2018


(Been playing with this form in poetry workshop.  Here’s a few I wrote.)

Tug pushes a barge

Upstream toward Albany

Leaf colored river.


Fat clumsy fingers

pretending they can crochet.

What will come of it?


Big dog rests on couch

As happy as she can be

this fall afternoon .


Cold clear fall morning

Water glistens in swimming pool

Cares left in my wake.


October, 2018