untitled by David Belmont

he was a process guy

he had no faith in products
believed in polishing gems
died true to his word
he embraced the mix
of grandness and smallness
with the furious power
of a new york
sports fan

he loved to watch the yankees
mariano was the best
had one pitch
that got everybody out

had a curious
loud sense of humor
in a world gone south
and sour

he was big boned
so even when he got sick
he looked and lived

he was at once
doing one thing
and lots of things
while never believing
in things at all

a and not a

he loved that line
from emerson
about consistency
being the hobgoblin
of little minds

and set about
practicing it
every day

is dialectics
for the masses
for him
it was never
a question

he had a faith
in humanity
for which there
was no good reason

faith is like that
so is humanity

we call him
our organizer
of organizers

our faith is like that
so is our humanity

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