Where Poetry and Politics Meet

Is there a line

between poetry and politics,

The personal and the political?


If there is,

Who draws it?

If there are rules,

Who makes them?


My father told me Rock and Roll was not music.

He liked Frank Sinatra.

I don’t.

I like Bing Crosby and the Rolling Stones.


The guardians of political correctness

use labels to intimidate.

They shut down creativity

and block collaboration.


Who’s more oppressed,

Blacks or Jews?

While we debate the question,

the folks who hate us laugh.


What we like is a matter of taste.

And politics.

We don’t have to agree.

and our disagreements can be heated.


But to say what I write

is not poetry

Serves only the status quo,

Politically, poetically and otherwise.


February, 2019

5 thoughts on “Where Poetry and Politics Meet

  1. Poetry Man

    We no longer need
    to tolerate “the line.”
    Indeed, that line kills.

    There is no more poetry
    to be written
    where pre-conceived lines
    and proscribed ways of being
    form chokeholds
    over our sometimes soft,
    sometimes coarse,
    often broken
    needs, loves and dreams.

    Write on, my friend!
    Help us breathe
    in a world with so little oxygen
    that we are gasping for air
    and can only inhale
    when our exhale is shared.

    If that’s not poetry,
    What is?


  2. A Fire Burns
    Until it is put out
    By the sea
    Or high on a ridge

    Behind it the black stumps
    The lie of withdrawn life
    The land foresaw

    Creating a new green struggle
    As needed by the next great age
    By ignorant, longing, hope

    GRE 2-3-19


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