Growing Old in Riverdale

Riding the elevator in my highrise

The usual mix of families,

people of various ages

races, languages and nationalities.

And a strong contingent of seniors,

Walkers, canes and shuffling.


On my way to the swimming pool

Or the laundry room

Or recycling,

Nothing special – a regular ride.


An older woman

A contemporary, I must admit,

Smiles and asks if I am on my

way to the senior center


Startled, I looked at her and say no

Never been there.

She said why don’t you try it.

If I were honest I would have said,

“ that’s not me.”

Instead I asked what goes on there.

“A sing along every Friday at 1 p.m.

Folk songs, broadway tunes.”

She plays the piano,


I’ve run into her a couple of times since

Exchanged hellos and a little conversation.

She: do you live alone?

No, with my wife (dare I say younger) and a friend;

And two dogs.

She: I lost my husband a few years ago.

It’s hard to be alone.

Can you be “old” and not a “senior.”

March, 2019.



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