For Harry

I’m touched and honored to share Caroline Donnola’s new poem.

For Harry

He was the poet laureate of the Battenkill,

breathing in the soft, sweet air,

gently placing his line

in the frigid waters,

his ongoing quest

for that elusive fish

that circles the shadows

as if to taunt.

Later in the day

with pen and pad in hand

he is poised to write about

the morning fog

the afternoon rain

or the evening hum

of frogs who insist

on having their say.

After the heavy sun has set

and the fish have begun to sleep,

the poet laureate of the Battenkill

will dream of the coming day’s angling

while the river trout

glide through icy waters,

plotting new ways

to keep their poet at bay.

Caroline Donnola, June 2019


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