In the old days

when our heads were invaded by 

Demons or dybbuks or djinns,

We called the exorcist

or, for us agnostics, the shrink.

Now, in the age of technology,

What with AI and laptops,

We face a new menace, hacking.

Something or someone is

in our computer,

rooting around, wrecking havoc

or, at least, threatening to do so.

We call on McAfee or 

Apple or Dell to help.

Using their magic, they

exorcise the demon

and wall off against the next one.

The remedy is different. 

The experience is the same.

November 2019


Looking at an old photo.

You were young and sexy.

Seated in an Adirondack chair,

Legs crossed,

A cigarette in your left hand.


A half smile on your face

reflects in your

soft blue eyes.


I remember how close we were

before we became estranged.

We had so much to talk about

and would now if you were here.


November 2019