(Nancy Hanks wrote this poem for me. I named it)


We live in a world of blame and guilt and bad decisions and regret.

A constitutional world of slavery and compromise and regret

And blame and guilt and bad decisions.


What if we just stopped it?

Just stop it.


Stop killing black people.

Let’s create a new world for all people.


America, I have had my problems with you

But I don’t hate you.


America, we are conflicted. We were born in conflict.

I WELCOME the conflict! Joyously!


Bring on your European marauders, your rapists, your slave traders, your buggers.

Bring on your genteel Virginia gentlemen with their compromises, their use of slaves and women.

Bring on the Ku Klux Klan.

Bring on the compromise of generations of poor people who cannot speak out unless we as a people speak out.

Bring on the marginalized.

Bring on the liberals who are no where to be found and haven’t been for generations and are choking in their voice

Bring on the Democrats, bring on the Republicans. Bring on the partisan cabal in America.

Bring on the unorganized, the poor, the marginalized, the oddly privileged, the rich, the stupid, the categorized, the WTF ever


We can create a dialogue in our country. We can.


No one can tell an oppressed people how to resist.


Stop killing black people.

Let’s create a new world for all people.


What if we just stopped it.

Just stop it.


June 2020



Down by the docks in Hyannis

An ancient crossroads

Beckons us.

Bounded by floats —

ferries, tugs and fishing boats.


A window, a gateway;

A continent’s shelf.

The wind and sea 

Wash over self.


June 23, 2020


View from My Terrace     

(by my friend David Belmont)


She’s a rock and roll singer and a true dead ringer
For something like you ain’t never seen

                                                Robbie Robertson, 1970

trump got punk’d
by tik tok teens

uncle andy’s
road show closed
to rave reviews

no one wants it
to reopen

all manner of
wheeled devices
scurry thru the streets

dodge them
their faces
at half mask

on aural display
all night long

their debris
hits our now closed
first floor windows

dave chappelle does
27 spot on minutes
about 8 minutes
and 46 seconds

i share his love
for the young

creating the most
democratic moment
in the history
of the world

black lives matter
marching with

fred newman’s
demonstration dream
comes to life

our activity
is a drop
in the ocean

because the ocean
showed up

time for a swim

it’s father’s day

my father
would have loved this