Better Bored than Dead

The virus has us locked down

And locked up.

The evening news and

the morning paper

bombard us with statistics

that are impossible to follow.


They’re punctuated by interviews

With victims — 

Fellow travelers on our wounded planet.

Scenes of protest and violence

take us from boredom to hope to panic.


We wear our masks

And wash our hands,

We hope for a vaccine

and fear new dangers it may pose.


We’re an adaptable species.

Can we live with this 

Virus determined new normal?

Is there a path to development,

Even if we can’t make it out?


July 30, 2020


4 thoughts on “Better Bored than Dead

  1. Harry, I really like this poem!!!

    Here’s one back atcha!

    For the Friends of John Lewis

    I’m starting to enjoy Gail King’s drab commentary about how she feels about every CBS news story I laugh out loud at the Progressive commercials about un-becoming your parents I don’t care about the latest gun shooting in my neighborhood I look up words like soucient and bereft What’s happening to me?

    My friends and I write poems to each other. We are still living and touching and feeling. We are not saying goodbye to John Lewis. We are not building icons. We are not praising the past. My friends and I write poems to each other And continue the fight for voting rights. That’s our tribute to our friend John Lewis.



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