Another Sunset

(a beautiful poem and photo by my friend Caroline Donnola; don’t know if the poem inspired the photo or vice versa)

The sun has set
and a second sunset appears—
that last burst of light.

The sky swirls
into multiple patterns—
pink and purple streaks,
ribbons of brilliant hues glowing
against a hot, gold disappearing sun.
A light display
hovering over a backlit dark blue sea—
shadows, clouds, water, sky—
until that moment
when the light is gone
and the darkness arrives.

The fishermen come
and dip their rods into the gentle waves.
No one catches much,
it’s just an excuse
to enjoy the view.

It’s been here all along
but it took a deadly virus
for me to take the time
to appreciate this spectacle
and wonder
what else might be lurking
in plain sight.

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