The End of Election Day

(Here’s a timely one by my friend David Belmont)

it’s saturday

i’m movin’ 
papers around
on my desk

groovin’ to the
rhythm review

70s soul classics
streamin’ on
my computer

dj felix
is wailin’

the spinners
some late sly stone

stevie’s singin’
i’ll be lovin’ you

i’m thinkin’ about
the first time
i heard 
songs in the key

it was on howard’s 
dorm room style stereo
in north london

during my first trip
out of the country


my reverie
is interrupted
by commotion
on the street

has cheering for
frontline workers
been moved earlier
and i missed the memo?

my partner kim 
says no
biden just won

i click on my
election map tab

it says
biden 273


thought it was going to be
arizona plus nevada 
to a perfect 270

we go out to the terrace
and watch people
dancing in the street

philadelphia p a
baltimore and dee cee now
can’t forget the motor city

i get an email
from jackie salit

trump is gone (smiley) 
would you draft 
a press release 
spelling out 
the role of indies

i write back
will have it to you
in 20 minutes

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