Lie , the Beloved Country

By Robert Carlson

( A Requiem for January 6 )

When did we start loving the lie ,

when did we embrace the Liars ?

When did we begin doubting facts ,

when did we prefer Deniers ?

Why does the truth hurt so much ,

why do some revile the Vetters ,

Why is defeat so hard to take ,

why does denial feel better ?

Where is the fair play we were taught ,

where are the Teachers we need now ?

Where is our courage to sail on ,

where are the Captains at the bow ?

What do we expect from our lives ,

what are the rules we agree on ?

What are the values we hold dear ,

what price do we pay for the pawn ?

Who are the Demons screaming loud ,

who let these Imposters spew fear ?

Who the Enemy at our gates ,

who is the Stranger in our mirror ?

How did our Country become blind ,

how have false narratives been grown ?

How do we cure these addictions ,

how do we heal what has been sewn ?

So lie no more , beloved Country ,

divide no more in anger or angst,

For we will be known , and we will be judged ,

by what is True , and what is Just .

BC, 1- 2021

What’s a person to do?

We need to bring the country together.

It takes more than financial aid;

It’s harder than getting your “jab”

and that ain’t easy.

It’s bigger than Biden.

Where is the healing power?

Surely not in canceling

those who see differently.

Cynicism, left and right,

Carries the day.

If we let it.

Is there an embrace,

A conversation that moves us closer

even if we’re not yet together, 

and may never be?

January 19, 2021