It’s bigger than motive

10 dead in Boulder, 8 in Atlanta;

Law enforcement looks for motive.

In Georgia we’re told

It’s an anti Asian hate crime.

In Colorado we’re 

Waiting for “answers.”

What is driving the violence?

More than individual motives.

We were taught that

progress is steady 

and will prevail,

setbacks notwithstanding.

The pandemic challenges;

Corruption corrodes trust;

Poverty persists;

Inequality grows.

Peace remains 

A distant dream.

Anger and violence

is no surprise. 

March 25, 2021

6 thoughts on “It’s bigger than motive

  1. Thank you Harry for giving voice to humanity; to the immorality, the insanity. It’s tragedy after tragedy. The atrocity is that they’re quick to grab a bandaid but they’ll miss the gas ovens the every time…


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