Fishing Madness

It was Sunday morning;

Up and ready as the day was dawning,

To be greeted by light rain;

What’s fun without some pain.

Could go either way;

So I start the day 

with waders, boots, waterproof jacket,

net and staff, rod and reel.

Headed for the Battenkill.

It began to pour, but I pushed on.

The river was swift, a siren song.

The rain was steady;

But I was ready.

Anticipating the days events —

Pushed on, ever braver;

Ready to defy the elements

Even as the rain grew heavier.

Line and leader became a tangle.

Time to head for home,

No choice really, no good angle.

I was all alone.

Captain Ahab without Moby Dick.

August 1, 2021

8 thoughts on “Fishing Madness

  1. Hi Harry, i like that poem! Now, maybe, maybe the injury to your nose is the result of an uncomfortable encounter with a creature that you snagged in the Battenkill…… ________________________________


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