Ridin’ in Style

(Here’s a beauty by my friend David Belmont)

i went down by the riverside the other day
lookin’ for the sword and shield
i had laid down there
some time ago

couldn’t find ‘em

in their place was a sign 

moved to the museum of antiquity
alongside some worthless warheads 

there’s a line
in bob dylan’s
talking world war III blues

he’s ridin’ down 42nd Street 
in his cadillac

nice car to drive
after a war

that’s a dream
i’d love to
live in


The Russian skater

lost her chance for gold.

How do we rate her?

Only fifteen years old.

A child who lost her right to grow;

Whose nurture and support 

gave way to a sport

where winning was

the only place to go.

Doped, likely by her

coaches and trainers.

The competitors who gloat

over her demise 

are no less exploited

although deaf to her cries.

February 22, 2022


I’ve been walking around in a rage.

And not because of my age,

or because the dog peed

On the bedroom floor.

There’s more, much more.

Covid still stalks us.

Presidents play chicken.

Ukraine is a pawn

as the grim plot thickens.

Come what may;

No matter what they say;

Walls can’t keep the world at bay.

February 8, 2022

Who’s in Charge

Working away, 

This winter day.

Outside, rain turns to sleet

to ice to snow.

Time for a treat;

The dogs say

“Let’s go!”

Boots on;

Bundle up.

Step down

Into the snow.

Please Sam.

Stay on the high ground

where the footing

is sound.

Getting cold,

Time to go.

Sam plops down

right in the snow.

Sorry girl;

I hate to say

The fun is done.

Until next day.

February 5, 2022