March 20, 2022

Winter is over.

Is it spring?

On the calendar

it starts today;

but it’s not here yet.

Clouds of war darken the sky.

Two men hold the world hostage.

One cannot win;

The other cannot afford to lose.

Where does it end?

How does it end?

Who benefits from it?

Not Ukraine and its people.

Is there a calculus at work?

By whom, for whom?

Can the calculators miscalculate?

Have they already?

Where does that leave the rest of us?


Time to go

Can’t be late 

to the orthopedist.

Is it the leg or the hand?

Two separate doctors;

One for each.

Is it the left hand

or the right?

Dr. Wright does the left

and Dr Leff the right.

We need to get moving

or we won’t make pt.

And tomorrow is the eye Doctor


What time?

What for?

And so it goes

Life in the

77 mph lane.

March 20, 2022

A Prompt for our Time

James Baldwin:

“I always wonder

what they think the niggers are doing

while they, the pink and alabaster pragmatists, 

are containing 


and defining and re-defining and re-aligning 


He asks where we stand.

Are we forever tied

to the Harvard trained

CIA hired cold warriors?

Are we willing to 

move towards a future

of not knowing,

with a possibility of

“Liberty and justice for all?”

March 8, 2022


Lester Holt,

A Black man;

Calm, measured,

Reassuring in manner.

On NBC at 6:30 pm;

The perfect vehicle 

for those rushing us

to war.

To war, for what?

Not for Ukraine.

It is being destroyed.

The drive to war

leaves no room to breathe.

No alternative view

is put before us.

Our challenge:

To find ways to talk

that open doors,

which otherwise are closed

March 1, 2022