Facing 96

(A touching poem by Arthur Stewart, Cathy’s dad)

I’m Ninety-six and trying to really make up my mind

Should I live in the past or watch the future unfold

One would think I don’t have much choice but I do

There still may be some tales I have not yet told.

Tales of choices I’ve made in my life, takes of people

That I have admired, and could not control.

My Mother, my Father, my Sister, my Brothers,

My Aunts, my Uncles, my Cousins, I seem to be the last.

My Wife, Elizabeth who nursed and saved lives in Korea

Who came home and married me for thirty-one years.

My friends, my children who are many years younger,

You see it’s their future that I want to last longer.

Maybe I’m over-thinking, in my life I’ve always looked

forward. So, I have to finish the final pages of my book.

Well there you have it, I’m still looking forward, so be of

good cheer. It’s been a full life and I’ve loved my children.

Add to that my six Grandchildren who I also love most dear.

So why should I not look ahead without fear?

It’s like building a house, you go on till it’s finished and

when that’s done, your work feels completed.

So, join me with Mom, two veterans together and take

home our flag and keep it forever.

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