Be Prepared, But…

Spent the weekend in the book;

Reading how to land the fish you hook.

Position your rod right.

keep the line tight.

Let the fish run;

Until it’s done.

I was so ready this morning.

Up at sunrise;

On the Battenkill

As first light’s dawning.

Calm; beautiful.

A perfect day.

But so intent on my lessons;

I don’t watch the trout play.

One nibble;

No bite.

Headed home.


Ready, but not too ready;

Let come what may;

The fish will be there

on another day.

June 20, 2022

6 thoughts on “Be Prepared, But…

  1. Best poem yet. There is just a sliver of difference between the words and the actual experience; between the poet and nature. It is effortless writing [or so it appears] of the first order. Markedly better than first attempts. I’m beginning to be dazzled. . . .


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