Majestic white pine.

You dominate the yard.

You tower over it;

Your branches spread across it.

And your majesty,

it turns out,

may be your undoing.

Needed work in the yard

is difficult with you there.

The reach of your roots

makes it especially hard.

I hope you can be saved.

If not, this poem will remain

to remember you and

summer days in your domain. 

July 21, 2022

No Longer Driven

I’ve paid my dues.

Built a law practice;

Fought for radical change.

Helped lead a development community.

that survived the government’s

effort to destroy us.

We set benchmarks

in independent politics

and political reform.

I co-authored a law review article;

Built loving friendships.

I moved upstate

after our audacious, exciting, impactful

endeavor was coming to a close.

My marching orders:

Work to be more kind.

I have space to fish,

to read,

to write poetry.

And yet I am restless.

It’s not regret.

More like missing the urgency

of being on the front lines

A challenge to build 

a life anew

and to be more kind.

July 17, 2022

Morning After

Traveled to NYC.

Hooked a trout and landed it.

Walked from 34th to 44th

on Broadway.

Crowds and stress

Oy vey

Beautiful morning on the river.

Cathy said it was perfect,

Even with a slight shiver.

Maybe better to have hooked 4

and landed 3.

Go figure.

July 12, 2022