No Longer Driven

I’ve paid my dues.

Built a law practice;

Fought for radical change.

Helped lead a development community.

that survived the government’s

effort to destroy us.

We set benchmarks

in independent politics

and political reform.

I co-authored a law review article;

Built loving friendships.

I moved upstate

after our audacious, exciting, impactful

endeavor was coming to a close.

My marching orders:

Work to be more kind.

I have space to fish,

to read,

to write poetry.

And yet I am restless.

It’s not regret.

More like missing the urgency

of being on the front lines

A challenge to build 

a life anew

and to be more kind.

July 17, 2022

11 thoughts on “No Longer Driven

  1. Hi Harry, this is wonderful. Thanks and I seem to have lost my password to the thing that allows me to comment on your post directly. Well, I will have to revisit that whole venture.

    Many thought bubble up — I think that those of us who have fought our whole lives to make a difference will never rest, will always be restless. We will fish, we will paint, we will create poetry and photography. And we will never rest.

    I will try to post this on your poetry blog…

    Best, Nancy ________________________________


  2. As always, you speak for me and I would imagine…many of us.

    Love you Harry!


    p.s. still sit in the rocking chair you bought for Ben and I when we brought him home…talking about kind……


  3. I echo the comments above. I especially love the line about “missing the urgency of being on the front lines.” Missing urgency of any kind is a fascinating idea. And many lifelong political activists experience what you’re giving voice to here, myself included. I hope you have that your many years on the front lines helped pave the way to where we are now, and to wherever the bigger “we” is going. You’re part of that as well. So many of your friends and colleagues appreciate and honor you for all that you have given–and continue to give.


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