Majestic white pine.

You dominate the yard.

You tower over it;

Your branches spread across it.

And your majesty,

it turns out,

may be your undoing.

Needed work in the yard

is difficult with you there.

The reach of your roots

makes it especially hard.

I hope you can be saved.

If not, this poem will remain

to remember you and

summer days in your domain. 

July 21, 2022

5 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Hi Harry, …man, the world around you is crumbling….along with your perspective on your life’s work which, my friend, is no small achievement. And now the mighty timber in the front yard is in jeopardy (I do recall you talking about the need to dig up the septc field out there). Hopefully, the excavator can maneuver his/her equipment around them. And then again those mighty timbers have provided for the next generation and those beyond. Right, they do give us a powerful sense of time, space, of the awesome strength, power and durability of nature. You do a real nice job putting it into words. My biggest concern remains the same – greedy bastards knocking down majestic trees to clear areas for yet another row of uninteresting houses. Or to sell off the lumber for a quick profit. Yeah, I love trees too! Good that you have the river to keep you sane! Let me know if you have any ideas about locating this decision, from Magistrate Louis B. Brodsky in NYC – he dismissed the charge of unlawful assembly against 6 labor activists who ripped the swastika flag off a German ocean liner and threw it into the river. They got pummeled by the crew and NYC police on the scene. here is the case number: 94 N.Y.L. J. 717, Sep 11 (1935). Thanks! Am making good progress on the manuscript and think I can get an article out of the flag incident. Incidentally, Katrin is doing excellent work at the Humboldt Uni – she has the first results from exams. And she will get financial aid to cover much of the trip to Dushambe in September! Nice, really nice to see her getting that recognition! That’s it for now. Let me know how things develop with the mighty pines. Me, am a great fan of majestic trees and those not-so-majestic. And best regards to ALL!! Let me know how next week looks for a call. bob


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