Old Men on the River

It’s 6am and the

Battenkill is waiting;

One by one we’re here;

Old men with fishing gear.

How’s it going,

Catch anything?

It’s the question, 

not the knowing.

It’s not competition.

More a fisherman’s 


July 29, 2022

4 thoughts on “Old Men on the River

  1. Hi Harry, …i like your newest poem! You ought to do an anthology and title it simply Old Men on the River. You could recount your experiences on the Battenkill, those countless early mornings getting there and trying to out-wit the lunker trout. And you know it’s there, waiting patiently to frustrate you. It’s clear – rivers are important to all of us, especially us older gents. Say, just read that thump now has one of his first moves, should he regain the White House, to purge the fed bureaucracy, like get rid of those ‘advocating woke agenda’, whatever that means. Man, the guy is a fuckin Nazi – that action is a cheap imitation of the April 7, 1933, Law for the Restoration of a Professional Civil Service. That required, required every civil servant, from jailor to fed prosecutor, to fill out a form identifying former political activity AND whether one were a Jew. The only time I ran or witnessed politics at DOJ was at the retirement ceremony for Ed Mies. Then, all his Assistant AG’s got up and praised what he had done for the ‘Reagan revolution’, including Eric Holder. Really, I remember clearly listening to Holder talk and praise ‘the Reagan revolution.’ Anyway, otherwise things are good here, as long as i don’t think too hard about the direction of things in the US. take good care, bob


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