I can’t do the things

I used to do.

It makes me sad.

I sit at home and 

see myself eat breakfast,

put on my waders

and drive to the river.

Park the car,

get out the gear,

and tramp along a cornfield

to the beach. 

A few steps into the Battenkill.

Gentle casts cross stream,

move a little down river 

after several tries.

A tug on the line.

A trout has taken the hook.

I pull in the line

until I can put the catch

into the net or it escapes.

Is memory a substitute for fishing?

January 22, 2023

5 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEXT

  1. Hi Harry! …very nice AND yes memory is a substitute for a lot of things. But more than that it is comforting while you are healing AND a powerful incentive! You have a lot to look forward to, that is to many more early mornings on the Battenkill! We all need such incentives to keep us going to keep us moving ahead!! And the images of the Battenkill is indeed a powerful and wonderful incentive. that’s it for now….but photos to follow. take good care, my friend, and warm regards to Cathy, too, bob ________________________________


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