My sister says you are 

the best thing that ever 

happened to me.

You are strong 

and kind

and loving,

As I get older and,

I admit, less


your presence

impacts even more.

You let me know when 

I am a jerk.

The humiliation

Is coming from me,

You have a growing presence 

In politics and culture upstate.

It complements what we 

have built in five decades

of progressive activism

from NYC to Arizona

People follow you

as much from love 

and respect

as from cognitive

agreement on 

program and tactics.

You are beautiful 

And sexy.

Your pale blue eyes

welcome and invite.

I have accepted the invitation

and we’ve built a life together

with integrity and caring.

My sister is right.

You’re the best thing

That ever happened to me.

And so much more.

January 26, 2023

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