Another night

Another morning.

Sleeping is fitful.

Can’t quite get comfortable.

So I’m up at

3 am;

Doing what I can

to remember that

I still have agency

To reach out and engage.

Can’t get there in person.

Zoom will have to do

And it will.

February 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Hi Harry,

    I wrote a poem but I don’t know how to post it. It’s for you anyway, so you can post it if you want, or just read it for yourself. I have been an avid follower of you blog, which I think is fantastic. As for your situation, I’m speechless. Except to say you and Cathy are in my prayers.

    Best, and always with love,


    Here’s the poem:


    I’m not the poet

    But I know how I feel

    I know how I felt when he saved me

    And those times…they were many

    I know how my friends felt when he saved them

    I know how we felt


    Safe in our homes

    Safe in our lives


    Cared for


    I know how I felt


    Knowing that my calls would be returned

    No matter where I was in the world

    And those places…they were many

    He would take care of it

    Later we would laugh about it

    I know how I feel


    Honored to know him

    Honored to be represented by him

    He has cancer


    I’m not the poet

    I speak for the class

    And our numbers…they are many

    Together we stand

    All hearts by his side

    We know how we feel

    Leta Davis


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