Running Out of Time

The days grow shorter,

The air is colder.

So is the river.

It’s fall.

Different upstate.

Dark is darker;

Cold is colder.

The seasons are not 

Muted by lights, traffic,

packed subways and buses.

Running out of time;

I feel it on the river

I’m pressing, knowing there are 

but a few days left.

Mistakes made,

Lines tangled,

Trees caught.

Light fading;

Running out of time

October 15, 2021

At Plymouth Rock

What does it mean

to celebrate a rock

sitting under a white portico,

1620 engraved on it?

Solid and impervious;

Those white men

who chose this as their monument —

We call them founding fathers.

Generations struggled

to escape

Their rock solid

Assurance that

Their’s was the way.

Millions moved west.

Millions more came.

Some on slave ships,

Others in steerage

to challenge their hegemony.

Women led the way.

I’m proud to be among

the men who followed.

Sexuality, love, laughter

Broke the bonds,

Allowing held hands

to shape a new world

Where their descendants 

were humanized

and the rest of us


October 3, 2021