Lie , the Beloved Country

By Robert Carlson

( A Requiem for January 6 )

When did we start loving the lie ,

when did we embrace the Liars ?

When did we begin doubting facts ,

when did we prefer Deniers ?

Why does the truth hurt so much ,

why do some revile the Vetters ,

Why is defeat so hard to take ,

why does denial feel better ?

Where is the fair play we were taught ,

where are the Teachers we need now ?

Where is our courage to sail on ,

where are the Captains at the bow ?

What do we expect from our lives ,

what are the rules we agree on ?

What are the values we hold dear ,

what price do we pay for the pawn ?

Who are the Demons screaming loud ,

who let these Imposters spew fear ?

Who the Enemy at our gates ,

who is the Stranger in our mirror ?

How did our Country become blind ,

how have false narratives been grown ?

How do we cure these addictions ,

how do we heal what has been sewn ?

So lie no more , beloved Country ,

divide no more in anger or angst,

For we will be known , and we will be judged ,

by what is True , and what is Just .

BC, 1- 2021

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