Love and Friendship

By Jessie Fields

Top notes sing, lift high and upright the fallen star  

Of love and friendship wide, no meek prelude to hot embrace. 

Romance praise of rhyme over rhyme far 

Forever unceasing has not and never slackened the pace 

Of violence, war and hate everywhere unwound. 

Begin again, give what human life requires 

To thrive in soul, health and beauty together bound 

Workers, a community of people re-creating, a new becoming inspires.  

Take down the old books, here is a muse to make 

A new world. High history and love in the mad descending hours 

Search and create all the ways a hard hand to shake 

A cold eye to shine. Teach this love, it is ours. 

Jump we humans quick to hate and no peace find 

We forget our real preference is kind.  

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