Upstate can be as cold

as it is beautiful.

10 degrees on a March morning;

The winter sun peeks

over the mountains

I’m told there are those

who have been here,

and those who come here.

Then there are 

those who embrace both;

Over breakfast, on long walks.

Our conversations cover lots of ground.

You built a feeding station for the ducks

and a rack in the garage

for my fishing rods and boots.

You just offered.

I would never have asked.

I miss you.

April 27, 2022

7 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Hi Harry, …sure some nice and meaningful words. You gotta remember, my friend, that friendship only works, is only worthwhile when it catches both. I gained, and continue to gain, from our friendship. You’ve still left me, given me a long to think about (and to read!), plus a lot of good humor, laughter, and simply good times. OK, cannot, cannot forget the good eating at Bensons!! In any case, let me know when is a good time/day to hit you with Google Duo. Think I got the time difference right a few days ago when I tried to reach you. Yeah, figured you were in the river, making things unsafe for a lot of b-i-g trout. Truly fortunate to have the Battenkill so close! And good, very good that you’re actively looking after it! Otherwise, things going well here. Keeping busy. Will keep a low profile come Sunday, May 1st, May Day when other demos hit. take good care and warm regard to ALL, bob



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